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Our Approach

We truly believe our combined brand-awareness, technical capabilities and manufacturing flexibility sets us apart from our competitors. BPS works with over 40 accredited global suppliers, offering a vast combination of materials and production processes that allows us to turn incredible concepts into practical realities; from bespoke premium presentation packaging, through to gift-pack offerings. This flexible approach enables us to be your total product solution provider.

Listen to the brand

Hand us a brief for us to explore designs, or discuss the feasibility of your already developed brand concepts – we are here to listen to you and understand what solution your brand requires.

Design with expertise

We keep a firm grasp on practical realties. So, whilst we really enjoy designing category breaking ideas, we will ensure that commercial requirements and constraints are accounted for from the start – helping you get your product to market on-time and on budget.

Global Production

With over 40+ accredited global suppliers we have the flexibility to manufacture a vast combination of materials and products to offer you a total solution.

Quality Delivered

Our Global supply base means we can deliver to almost any location, and with co-packing facilities in the UK and far-east, we can tailor our offering for your needs.